Wednesday, March 22, 2006

On homosexuality and society

Not exactly music or liturgy related, but definitely Church-related.

Read these articles on The New Totalitarianism and on The Liberal Baby Bust.

The first basically asserts that homosexuality is “taking over” society, while the latter says that patriarchal society is, by nature, the natural consequence when an anti-patriarchal establishment fails to produce children.

What I wonder about is this. We’ve got a lot of homosexuality these days - or at least, it’s more visible today than it was in recent generations. Where did it come from, and will it continue?

The first question ties to the “nature vs. nurture” debate. Most homosexuals will tell you they think it’s “nature”; they were born gay/lesbian, and they could never be anything else. To propose that they could become straight is even insulting, especially with the idea of taking pride in having homosexual orientation. So, if it’s “nature”, what created this outpouring in the current generation of “natural homosexuals”? Or is it an outpouring at all, and we’ve always had this many, but are just now noticing it?

The big issue here is whether homosexuals have children. It does happen - but usually in the context of a homosexual getting married and resigning himself/herself to a heterosexual lifestyle. I mean, the only way to (naturally) have kids is to have heterosexual sex....and homosexuals don’t have a desire for that, so how will they have children?

Even if we say homosexuality is a combination of genetic factors, those combinations will eventually be “weeded out”; those parents with genetic predispositions furthest from homosexual-generating procreation will have the fewest homosexual children and thus be “most successful” in propagating their genetic code.

This has all been a strangely worded and ordered demonstration of the utter untenability of the argument that homosexuality is entirely genetic. There has to be a substantial “nurture” component, if not a predominant one.

That being the case.....what is to come of institutionalized homosexual unions? If, as the second article posits, patriarchal society is returning by sheer force of numbers, institutional homosexuality is correspondingly threatened. So, while the Canadian government may have passed its bill to condone homosexual unions and to punish those who speak out against them (heh, probably like this entry!), how long can these laws last when the population will increasingly be inclined against them?

Now.....what may happen is an increase in artificial procreation. Maybe a household of four parents: a gay couple and a lesbian couple, each of whom “cross-breed” artificially, thus allowing them regular sexual satisfaction and the status of having children. That’s a scary entire segment of the population manually controlling its procreation.


At Wednesday, March 22, 2006 11:58:00 PM, Blogger ScholarChanter said...

Always missing in the discussion is how to properly treat the issue of homosexual attraction. While legislation needs to uphold the importance of the family that is open to being fruitful, we need to address the wounded soul if we are to deal properly with homosexuality.

In light of John Paul II's Theology of the Body, and John Eldridge's _Wild at Heart_, we need to create an environment where all men and women are properly affirmed in their masculinity and femininity. Because of original sin, we do not quite live fully as men and women we were created to be, and always wonder "am I man enough?" "am I beautiful enough?" The world and its ruler satan try to convince us that we are not manly enough, strong enough, pretty enough, etc. and convince us to pursue false images of what it means to be male or female - the bodybuilder, the supermodel, the rich and the succesful, etc.

For various reasons, some of us will try to fill that void of who we are as male and female by becoming intimate with another male or female of the same sex. IMHO, the solution to the homosexuality issue is that we need to rid the world of false images of who are as male and female.

I am not knowledgable enough to comment thoroughly on how the current society is very much saturated with false images, but reorienting the society to value the dignity of each person and affirming them for who they are, an image of God, male and female, would be a good start.

At Thursday, March 23, 2006 1:38:00 AM, Blogger Cantor said...

Is it a done deal that homosexual attraction arises from a desire to “fill the void”, as you put it?

You’re right in that there needs to be nurturing of the wounded souls who will have to face the truth that the attractions they feel are not conducive to a parental vocation. You’d like to make them feel better and “give them what they want”; in a way, this is the same problem as funerals: pastors, feeling a need to nurture the emotions of the grieving, “give them what they want” and act as if people can be sure their loved one is in heaven.

And the trick is that the world *does* give people the things they when people want to identify as Catholics but also want what the world gives them but the faith cannot, they’re torn.


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