Friday, March 10, 2006

Welcome all!

Greetings to all our new readers (both of you) who have joined us in our foray into the world of blogging. I shall attempt to make this initial post concise, yet informative, erudite, yet lighthearted.

Since my dearest co-blogger, Cantor, has been so kind as to set up this blog and handle all the computer junk that I know so little about, please allow me to introduce him as well as myself in this post.

First off, both of us are full-time liturgical musicians on the outskirts of major US cities (different ones). We attended college together and met through the campus ministry at the Newman Center at which we both rediscovered (or more aptly, discovered) our Catholic faith. Cantor is a very intelligent man who passed up a very lucrative career to become a (ahem) career musician. Though at times I'm sure he would question his decision, I am certain that giving glory to God through music is a very suitable position for him to be in, since he is an extraordinarily talented musician and a man of great faith. I shall speak no more of him though since we both desire to maintain a high level of anonymity . . . there will almost certainly be times where we would like to vent our frustrations and we would hate for our respective pastors to be lurking :)

As for me, I have been a full-time liturgical musician for approximately 3 years and I have enjoyed the profession for the most part. I am married with 2 children (one still in utero) and have a strong desire to have many more little ones, God willing. I have a great love of the Catholic faith and I struggle daily to become a better Catholic, a better husband, a better father and a better musician. Only through God's grace can I accomplish those goals, and I rely on Him heavily.

This blog came about with the goal of sharing ideas (and frustrations) concerning liturgical music, with the hopes of gaining and disseminating knowledge, and to help in our own small way to work towards the betterment of this ministry here in the US. Both of us in are parishes where it is a significant struggle to realize the ideals set before us by our beloved leaders due to the "Spirit of Vatican" continuing to move upon the waters of our churches. We struggle to find some middle ground where the tradition of the universal Church is respected, the tradition of the local church is respected, and where we won't be fired for doing an all-Latin (and Greek) Ordinary during mass :)

Thanks for joining us!


At Friday, March 10, 2006 2:33:00 PM, Anonymous brandon said...

Hi Guys! I'll be dropping by from time to time. Just a comment on form, I've seen co-blogs where each contributor has a different font color they post in... That way your readers can tell who is posting before looking down to the "Posted by" tag at the end.

At Friday, March 10, 2006 3:15:00 PM, Blogger HilbertAstronaut said...

Greetings you two! I'll be dropping by on occasion also. I'm setting up a blog of meditations at -- mostly it focuses on daily readings and/or selections taken from Charles Williams' "The New Christian Year."


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