Sunday, May 21, 2006

cause for genuine fear?

I read and watched “The Exorcist” and didn’t flinch. Not many things really scare me insofar as physical harm and out-and-out oppression, but this whole deal is starting to become one of them.

Interesting that the one gal dismisses the idea that homosexuality is not defined by homosexual acts (i.e. Church teaching). Is a faithful celibate nun or priest, then, asexual - since then they are obviously neither homo- nor heterosexual?

The voice of C-3PO echoes in my head: “This is madness...”

Just thinking out loud here. We in the U.S. look at Europe and see the low birth rates and wonder whether this is connected with the absence of recognition of the traditional family (even its outright persecution) in their legal systems. It’s not a given, but let’s just say it is. I’ve posted opinions here (I think I have, anyway) that there will be a new rise in patriarchy as traditional families put out many more children who will pass on those ethical values to succeeding generations. This scenario is based on the supposition that homosexual relationships (and heterosexual relationships bound up in tight control of reproduction w/ contraception etc.) will produce fewer children than traditional families.

Let’s suppose that, as many of us (myself included) posit, sexual orientation is made up, partially or entirely, by influence. It may be permanent, or it might not be, but the idea is that the moment a child is born, his/her orientation is not set in stone.

So.....what would happen if homosexuals began artifically inseminating to have families? Would the children then learn homosexuality from their environment? It might work thus: Each household would have two men and two women, all homosexual. Reproduction is entirely self-determined and artificial. What then happens is that each child effectively has four parent figures: two biological, but also two “step-parents”. Since there would be a greater pooling of resources among the parents, would they be better able to provide for their offspring than heterosexual parents? Then the homosexual children become the overachievers in school etc. Would they eventually take over society? Would heterosexuality ultimately be made illegal by the new regime?

Granted, there are holes in this unabashedly far-fetched scenario. But ..... is it possible? Would the Church, which condemns homosexual acts and (I can’t imagine not) artificial insemination, be able to function in this society, or would this put us underground again, persecuted as in antiquity?


At Sunday, May 21, 2006 3:24:00 PM, Anonymous ScholarChanter said...

Just a small comment on artificial insemination. Reproductive technology can aid, but can never replace (or hinder), the marital act (the source escapes me at the moment, but this was discussed in National Catholic Bioethics Center publication Ethics and Medics: Artifical insemination can be permitted only if: the sperm was obtained in a legit manner (after intercourse, not via masturbation for example) without removing the possibility of natural conception.

At Sunday, May 21, 2006 3:38:00 PM, Blogger ScholarChanter said...

Another comment on the article:

The current "Public Intellectual" discourse sounds much too like the Eugenics movement 100 years ago. Even then, the "intellectuals" decided to legislate forced sterilizations and promote agencies such as Planned Parenthood, and was the ideological foundation for the WWII holocaust. Now these "intellectuals" are moving onto a different target - without the regards for what most of us think.

At Tuesday, May 23, 2006 8:25:00 AM, Blogger Blueberry River said...

Hilbertastronaut and I once had a discussion on children that are raised in a homosexual household. The idea really upset me because as a child of divorce, I know what it's like not to grow up in a conventional home. And the typical arguments that the reason I was so adversely affected as a child being that I didn't think I or my family was "normal" can never work with me; all of my classmates had divorced parents as well, and I'd *presumed* it normal. It wasn't until just a few years ago that I realized how much the divorce had damaged me.

I hate to think of so many children suffering as I have, not just from divorce, but also from this new threat to the psychological well-being of children. But maybe that's the only way we learn. Maybe, like with abortion and divorce, the damage caused by homosexual acts can only be realized after thousands have suffered from it. And attitudes toward abortion and divorce are most certainly changing, especially with the advent of a new generation of conservative youth. I think that, whether sooner or later, the positive views on homosexuality, like those on abortion and divorce, will pass.


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