Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Errors in the Graduale Romanum

I am going through the Ordo cantus Missæ’s communion verses and comparing them with those in the Graduale Romanum. (Yes, I really do have a good reason for doing this!)

I have found the following discrepancies:

Verses 9 and 10 of the communion psalm should be used in addition to the others.

Psalm in OCM reads: 14*, 1. 2. 3. 4ab. 4c-5ab. 5c

Domus mea is given for year A, but the OCM does not give this. Its text does not relate to the readings (as most “specific” references do). As a consequence, this antiphon is apparently not sung in the Sunday propers.

Qui vult venire is given for year B, but the OCM does not have this. Unlike in the Domus mea case above, though, Qui vult venire is a quote of the day’s gospel....so, it may make sense to leave it in.

Easter funerals #1
The verses are “1. 2. 5.”..., not “1-2. 5.”... as for the referenced Easter Monday. (Typo in the OCM, perhaps?)

In all cases except perhaps the one with Qui vult venire, it seems clear that we should side with the OCM (which is from Rome) rather than the Graduale Romanum, which Solesmes compiled based on the OCM.


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