Monday, December 17, 2007

Advent 1 & 2--Year A

Advent 1--Year A

Processional: O Come, o Come Emmanuel (vs. 1-4)

Kyrie: Mass for the City (Proulx)

Psalm: Chabanel

Gosp. Accl: Robert Twynham setting (WLP) w/choral verse

Offertory: Come My Way, My Truth, My Life (Paul French)

Euch. Accl.: Community Mass

Agnus Dei: Holy Cross Mass

Communion: Dominus Dabit (chant)

Recessional: The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns

One of my altos is a flautist and I had always admired the French piece (by WLP), so we gave it a whirl. Conditions were less than ideal since I had to play on it, but it went pretty well.

Advent 2--Year A

Processional: O Come (vs. 4-7)

Psalm: Oost-Zinner setting (from Chabanel site)

Offertory: Proper chant (hmm; can't think of it right now)

Communion: Jerusalem Surge (chant and Martini motet)

Recessional: On Jordan's Bank

I had hoped to stick with the Chabanel settings throughout Advent and give them a test-run, but I found the musical setting for the antiphon for this Sunday to be terribly difficult for a congregation. Luckily, Arlene had a mode 2 setting on there that worked perfectly.

We had our Christmas Concert about 36 hours before, so the "Jerusalem" was good to go. The motet is actually quite nice; a bit of "stile antico" with some more advanced harmonies.


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