Friday, June 30, 2006

a romp through “Music in Catholic Worship”

Since Music in Catholic Worship (MCW) is now online, PT and I thought it would be cool to take it apart in the same way PT is doing with Musicam sacram (MS).

We had originally thought to hold off on this until PT finishes with MS, but a couple things have sprung up:

1) The US Bishops are apparently convening in August to draft a new document to replace MCW. In the interim, they are seeking input from various sources. There seem to be some readers of this blog who might have some influence, so a discussion of this document seems appropriate.

2) At the rate PT is going, we’ll have the new Mass translation before he’s done. :) (He has plenty of more important things than blogging to keep himself occupied at the moment.)

So, here goes......


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