Sunday, February 04, 2007

3 OT--C

Sorry for my absence; the semester had me overwhelmed right out of the gate and I’ve been struggling to keep my head above water. Lots of neat stuff coming up, but it’s a bit overwhelming . . .

OT 3—C (1/21/07)

Processional: O bow down before the King (LUBECK) (Tietze Introit Hymn)

Kyrie: Mass for the City

Gloria: Mass for the City

Psalm: Ps. 18 (19): 8, 9, 10, 15 Your words, O Lord, are spirit and life. W 567

Gospel Acclamation: chant

Offertory: Dextera Domini (chant—Marc)

Sanctus: Mass for the City

Mem. Accl.: Mass for the City

Amen: Mass for the City

Our Father: chant

Agnus Dei: Holy Cross Mass

Communion: Comedite pinguia (chant--women)
Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart)

Recessional: How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds W 125

Only had one rehearsal before this mass so I whipped out an oldie-but-goodie (the Mozart). This one’s a gem, no doubt, and not too difficult, so it’s great in a pinch.

Also, I broke out the Gloria from the “Mass for the City” for the first time. Knowing I only had about 5 Sundays to really get it in people’s heads before Lent, I took five minutes before mass to introduce some of the main themes. The pre-mass rehearsal didn’t go over very well I don’t think; I asked the choir not to sing so as not to deal with the time delay but I wound up singing solo basically. One of the great things about this church is that it’s actually quiet in the church before mass; very reverent. So I think I ticked off the congregation by taking away some of their quiet time. Duly noted . . .

I’ve axed the thanksgiving hymn for right now . . . I like the idea in principle but it wasn’t working real well in reality. Not many were singing and it was prolonging our already-lengthy liturgies. They may make a return in Easter . . .


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