Friday, March 21, 2008

Lent 4, Lent 5 and Palm Sunday

Trying to catch up before I post my Triduum music . . .

Lent 4--2008

Introit: "Rejoice, Jerusalem" -- Tietze Introit hymn

Psalm: Chabanel

Offertory: Aus der tiefen from BWV 129 (J.S. Bach)

Communion: Lutum fecit (chant)

A somewhat more festive atmosphere for Laetare Sunday. I had a violinist come in for the Bach, which went surprisingly well; we had some difficulties in rehearsal, as we don't do much Baroque music and the exposed entrances were initially unsettling.

Lent 5

Introit: Judica Me

Psalm: Chabanel setting (by Arlene Oost-Zinner)

Offertory: Confitebor tibi (Lassus)

Communion: Videns Dominus (chant)
Purge Me, O Lord (Tallis)

We did the Lassus with a quartet which turned into a trio for the second half as my alto turned to the wrong page and didn't get back on until the end. : )

The Tallis is beautiful. I'm very intrigued by his music; he's clearly firmly entrenched in that 16th-century style, but he really seemed to go his own way. His treatment of dissonance is unique and fascinating.

Palm Sunday

Processional: All Glory, Laud, and Honor (ST. THEODULPH)

Psalm: Chabanel

Offertory: Improperium (English chant--Bruce Ford)

Communion: Pater, si non (English chant--Bruce Ford)

Recessional: O Sacred Head

The beginning of our spring break. I actually jumped ship to catch a performance of the Bach "St. Matthew Passion"; my cantor took the reins and did the two chants with a remnant of my males. I heard things went well!


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