Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2 OT--Year A

2 OT--Year A

Processional: Tietze Introit Hymn

Offertory: Jubilate Deo (Palestrina--quintet)

Communion: Laetabimur (chant)
O Taste and See (Vaughan Williams)
Recessional: Lord of All Hopefulness

With only one rehearsal under our belt before this first Sunday (the students just returned to campus), I picked the Vaughan Williams, an old stand-by. It's not a hard piece by any means, but we struggled through it more than I would have liked. I'll remember that next time . . .

The "Jubilate" turned out great. I rounded up some good musicians and we whipped it up in a short period of time. It's not easy; five parts, florid counterpoint, and Phrygian. The small group did a great job with it, though.

I love "Laetabimur." The choir sang it well from the word 'go' (though it helps when we already did it a couple months ago), and the chant "style" seems to be coming a bit more naturally to them.


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