Sunday, February 04, 2007

4 OT--C

OT 4—C (1/28/07)

Processional: Let searching hearts rejoice in God (OLD HUNDREDTH)

Psalm: Ps. 70 (71): 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 15-17 I will sing of your salvation W 570

Offertory: My eyes for beauty pine (Howells)

Communion: Illumina faciem tuam (chant—men)

Recessional: How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds (ST. PETER)

My choirs will be recording a Marian CD next month so much of our precious little rehearsal time has been spent on the repertoire for the recording. So I’ve been searching out motets/anthems that won’t take up too long to learn and polish. The Howells was a nice choice; a nice melody with only one small section in 4-pt harmony (the rest is unison) and some nice meter changes to keep the choir on its toes (and the conductor: I haven’t conducted 7/4 since college!).

Had three men join already this semester which is quite exciting, and I’m now up to like 8 basses! That’s great, of course, but I lost two altos to heavy classloads and I can hardly muster up 3 of them on a Sunday. Actually, the balance isn’t too bad at this point; we’ll see if any other stragglers join as the semester progresses.


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