Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lent 2--Year C

Lent 2 (3/4/07)

Processional: Tibi dixit

Psalm: Gelineau

Offertory: Meditabor (Witt)

Communion: Visionem

Post-Communion: ‘Tis Good Lord, To Be Here W 281

Recessional: Silence

We did the Witt back in Ordinary Time in October or so. Nice piece, but the attendance that morning was less than stellar so we doubled the parts with the organ.

I'm still feeling a little weird about the Post-Communion hymns during Lent, but there are some nice Lenten hymns that I can't fit anywhere else. Plus, it's nice to throw the congregation a bone, since there is very little for them to sing otherwise.


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