Thursday, April 19, 2007

Easter Vigil/Easter Sunday

Easter Vigil

Psalms: English chant settings

Gloria: Mass of Light (Haas) w/brass, piano, and organ

Alleluia: Easter Alleluia w/brass and organ (my arrangement)


Litany of the Saints (chant)

Springs of Water: Proulx chant w/some harmonic stuff thrown in

Baptisms: Easter Alleluia interjected after each

Sprinkling Rite: Vidi Aquam (chant)

Confirmations: Veni Creator Spiritus (chant in english)

Offertory: This Joyful Eastertide (arr. William Harris)

Eucharistic Acclamations: Mass of Creation w/brass/organ

Our Father: chant

Agnus Dei: Holy Cross Mass

Communion: English chant (Fr. Weber)

Recessional: JC is Risen Today w/brass/organ (arr. by . . . somebody at Morningstar)

Postlude: Song of the Risen One (Haas)

Quite the "mixed" mass as you can see. It actually seemed to work though, considering the contrast in styles. I made sure to work lots of chant in there since Cantor seemed to think I only pushed chant during Lent. :)

The English chant settings of the psalms were composed by my Schola director who has a much better feel for the characteristics of each mode that I do. He did a wonderful job and I'll likely re-use them for a while.

The Harris setting of This Joyful Eastertide is quite festive and the pick-up choir we had surprisingly learned it quickly and efficiently in a very short amount of rehearsal time.

Lastly, please note that Morningstar has very nice settings of numerous hymns for download for a reasonable price (I think I paid 10 bucks for JC is Risen Today) and the right to copy them.

Easter Sunday

Processional: Alleluia! Christ is Risen (LAUDA ANIMA--Tietze Introit hymn)

Kyrie/Gloria: Mass for the City (Proulx)

Psalm: Gelineau

Sequence: Victimae Paschali Laudes (chant)

Alleluia: Easter Alleluia

Sprinkling Rite: Vidi Aquam

Offertory: The Strife is O'er (arr. . . . damn it)

Euch. Accl.: Mass for the City (Proulx)

Agnus Dei: Holy Cross Mass (Isele)

Communion: Pascha nostrum w/organ accomp. (Potiron)

Recessional: JC is Risen Today

I always feel guilty when I find it hrard to get up for this mass, but I'm always so exhausted after the Vigil that Easter Sunday is usually an afterthought. God bless my choir for showing up; it's worrisome on a college campus because of the potential for everyone going home. But fortunately, many stayed in town and they did a marvelous job.


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