Friday, September 28, 2007

speaking of young adult groups

I first went to one of these before I moved to my current post. At first I thought it was a bit silly, like a “social catch-net” for people who couldn’t make friends otherwise. But, being recently out of school and in an area where I didn’t have any family or old friends, I did find myself feeling a bit short on social time.

It turned out to be a group I really enjoyed being with. They did exposition for an hour or so then had structured social time - you got to know people, but the idea was to discuss a particular faith-related topic. Folks from the group also played sports together.

My new area has a group that seems a bit more like a disguised dating service. It’s still a faith-centered group, but most of what they do is Mass and then dinner. It somehow doesn’t seem as “spiritual”. Maybe it’s because the social time is spent at a restaurant instead of in a church, and the topics for discussion aren’t necessarily faith-centered?


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