Friday, October 19, 2007

28 OT--Year C

28 OT--Year C

Processional: The Church's One Foundation (AURELIA)

Offertory: Ave Maris Stella (chant and Anerio)

Communion: Aufer a me

Recessional: The God Whom Earth and Sea and Sky

For Offertory, we sang the chant, vs. 1, followed by the motet, and then the chant, vs. 2. Turned out very well as the choir sang wonderfully. The motet itself is quite a gem: cantus firmus in the sooprano line with some early-Baroque harmonies fit within a "stile antico" framework. The following link will take you to a score (CPDL's version seems to be down), but I used an edition that Cantor whipped up last year.

The Communio was fine, though we've had a couple mis-steps the past two weeks that were absent prior to that. I told the choir that it was God's way of keeping me humble . . . that and pointing out my need to better prepare them before mass.


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