Friday, October 26, 2007

29 OT--Year C

29 OT--Year C

Processional: Tietze Introit

Offertory: Salve Regina (Liszt)

Communion: Domine, Dominus noster w/Viadana fauxbourdon

Recessional: Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above

Added two more altos this week, which is exciting; I desperately needed at least one more. Both are fine musicians, one with aspirations of being a liturgical musician post-college.

The Liszt is beautiful, though not without its challenges. We rarely do Romantic music, so it was a learning experience for some of my choristers. It came together nicely for mass.

The chant was fine. I'm very pleased with the progress the group is making with this genre. The pedagogical approach is paying off, it seems, as well as the fact that everyone is singing it every week, as opposed to the every-other week situation I had last year. At rehearsal on Wednesday, they sight-read "Laetabimur" (Communion--30 OT) near flawlessly. Very exciting to see things "click in" with the chant repertory.


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