Friday, November 02, 2007

30 OT--Year C

30 OT--Year C

Processional: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Offertory: Domine, vivifica me (chant)

Communion: Laetabimur (chant and Viadana fauxbourdon)
Sing of Mary (arr. Proulx)
Recessional: Immaculate Mary

Crazy weekend. It was Homecoming on campus and we coincided the release of our new CD with this weekend when parents/alums were in town. "Sing of Mary" is a track on the CD so we used it to cap off the Marian month. We sold quite a few after mass which was nice, as I still have a few hundred to move!

Mass itself was a bit messy, at least from my end. Originally, I had planned to Lassus' setting of the offertory text with a solo quartet; we rehearsed it and it was pretty well ready to go. Then I got a call from my cantor that morning; he had the flu and couldn't come in. No matter, I could have the organist play the alto part. Then I went to meet with the other two before our regular rehearsal and my soprano looked rough around the edges; turned out her voice was in pretty bad shape. I sent her home. My bass didn't show up until the regular choir rehearsal had started. Needless to say, the Lassus didn't happen!

When my cantor's gone, it's a bit stressful. I had to fill in since it was such short notice; I botched part of the Gelineau psalm (since I was basically sight-reading it), the offertory was less-than-inspiring (again, basically sight-reading), and I had to sing the psalm verses for the Communio while conducting. Oh yeah, and I had to sing tenor on "Sing of Mary" while conducting as well. It sure didn't help that I was getting over the flu myself and my voice wasn't quite up to snuff. Yeesh.

The choir did a nice job, though we had some other conspicuous absences (lots of illnesses). Get 'em next week . . .


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