Friday, May 23, 2008

Confirmations are over....


Confirmations were a bit of a hectic affair this year. We had 150 or so confirmandi, two of whom were choir members, so I’ve been organizing surprise gifts/cards for them.

We pulled out the Lowenberg “Pentecost Prayer” again. That’s a cool piece, but a few of the lines and chords are tricky. It’s not super-melodic, but harmonically very nice. The organ part is sort of a mini-fantasia on “Veni Creator”. I had the sopranos sing the “Veni Creator” melody once (in Latin) before the hymn, so hopefully a few out there might recognize the connection.

Another trick I tried, to great success, was having a guitar strum (a single time) the chord changes in a psalm-tone responsorial psalm. (My own, à la Guimont.) A harp would be more ideal, but the guitar wasn’t too bad.

Nothing that remarkable otherwise.


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