Friday, May 30, 2008

Easter 5 through Pentecost

Well, I'm making myself post this for the sake of finishing what I started; honestly, I haven't had the inclination to blog for awhile . . .

Easter 5

Offertory: Jubilate Deo (Lassus)

Communion: Tanto tempore (chant)
Panis Angelicus (Palestrina)

We did the offertory w/ a quartet. I took it way faster than we'd rehearsed it, but it was actually thrilling, now that it's over. : ) The Panis is wonderful (though I still question that it's Palestrina); I wish an SATB score of it would go up at CPDL (last time I checked, only a TTBB version was there).

Easter 6

Offertory: If Ye Love Me (Tallis--TTBB)

Communion: Non vos relinquam (chant)
O Lord, with Wondrous Mystery (Andriessen--SA)

I was out of town this weekend (5-year wedding anniversary), but I heard that the choir did well in my absence. I like the original scoring of the Tallis better and I was sad that I didn't get to hear it. The Andriessen is a nice text and haunting melody, and easily prepared.


Offertory: Ascendit Deus (Palestrina)

Communion: Data est mihi (chant)
God Has Gone Up with a Shout (Weidner)

Our last choir Sunday of the semester. The Palestrina was done by a quintet. This was probably the fourth Offertory setting of his that we did this year, and man, are they fun! Not easy, but very rewarding.

The Weidner (published by Paraclete) is great. Very Anglican, but I did it anyway. : ) This was the first time all year that we had all of our active members and the sound was thrilling! Gosh, if I could have that group every Sunday . . .


Offertory: Confirma hoc, Deus (Handl--TTBB)

Communion: Factus est (chant)

The Handl piece was done w/ a quartet (again, choir was done). I'm fascinated by Handl's counterpoint; very unique among his contemporaries it seems.


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